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Personal Training

Personal Training:  Better Results - Faster!

Personal Training is our specialty at RENEGADE® and it is your ultimate resource for fitness education, motivation, inspiration and results.

Get a Free Personal Training Session

Included with your membership, you will receive a complimentary appointment with a Professional Personal Trainer. Get the guidance you need to achieve the results you want and the opportunity to develop some resourceful fitness relationships at the club:

Step 1 of your Free Personal Training Session
We’ll create a personalized fitness plan as we assess your unique physical needs and discuss your personal fitness goals.

Step 2 of your Free Personal Training Session
We’ll actually bring you through a customized workout with a Certified Professional Personal Trainer. You will be treated to a fun and exciting exercise experience aimed to educate and give you a sample of what it’s like to work with a Personal Trainer.

The slightest of variations in workouts can have drastic effects on your results. For this reason, many members choose to work with a Professional Personal Trainer on a regular basis. 

Receiving motivation, support & inspiration from your very own Professional Personal Trainer gives you the ability to capitalize on these slight variations to insure you will safely reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Our Trainers are Rated the Top in the Industry:

All our Professional Personal Trainers are hand selected from hundreds of Certified applicants. RENEGADE® only hires those with a proven track record to ensure we choose the best and most knowledgeable candidates. 

The educational requirements and ongoing mandatory continuing educational credits required by our Trainers allows us to provide you with not only the best Professional Personal Trainers in New England, but the best within the entire fitness industry.
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