What exactly is a ninja obstacle course?

If you’ve seen American Ninja Warrior, you know there’s no limit to creativity when it comes to designing these courses. Ninja obstacles courses may include things you’ve never seen before, while some draw on inspiration from traditional sports like gymnastics and even military training. You may encounter climbing ropes, walls and tires, or perhaps gymnast rings or even monkey bars. Whatever its design, a good ninja course will absolutely get you into shape! You may not be able to do certain obstacles on the first try; but through practice and dedication, you’ll eventually nail it!

How does it benefit the body?

As a workout, ninja obstacle courses offer the opportunity for rigorous exercise that gets your heart pumping, strengthens major/minor muscle groups, and increases your speed and balance on a different level than your average full body workout. Seeing that you’ll be making attempts to finishing the course rather quickly, you’ll be burning fat and building muscle, while improving your overall athletic ability at the same time!

This type of workout is great for both adults and children! Kids love it because it resembles something exciting that they’ve seen on TV, or a giant playground. Adults love ninja courses because of the creativity and variety. It’s way more exciting than a treadmill, and it’s a great challenge. Even on one course, every day can be different!


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