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What Are You Looking For
In A Great Health Club?

First and foremost, you want the equipment, people and resources to achieve your health and fitness goals. It is important to have a great selection of well maintained exercise equipment, a professional staff that can help you make the most of it, and other services and amenities to help you look and feel great!
We offer a wide variety of services and equipment to help you reach your goals. You will never look and feel better about yourself after you have experienced Gold's Gym Prince George:
Onsite Owner
10+ years Serving the Community
Members-Only Discounts
Personal & Small Group Training
Treadmills & Ellipticals
Stepping Machines
Stretching Areas
Private Sauna Rooms
Tanning Professionals
Spacious Training Area
Private Lockers & Shower Facilities
Circuit Training
Free Weights & Dumbbells
Dieting and Weight Loss
20+ Group Fitness Classes
Nutritional Assistance
Child Care
Affordable Memberships
Student Membership Specials!
         and so much more!
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